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Guide On Repairing A Torn Teddy Bear

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When your child accidentally tears their favourite teddy bear, it can seem like the end of the world. If the bear is ripped beyond redemption, you could let them look at new bears and toys from plush toys wholesalers to choose a new one. However, if teddy is fixable, you could dry your kid’s tears by repairing the bear yourself. It’s a simple job and you don’t need any special sewing skills to be able to do it. Read More»

Create A Beatiful, Unique Window Dressing From An Old White Blind

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If you have a creative side and enjoy craft projects, you might like to try upcycling some old roller blinds, rather than simply throwing them out.  Here’s how to transform your tired-looking window dressings into stylish blinds in just a few simple steps.   What you’ll need washing-up liquid water sponges tape measure pencil spray paint stencils crystals, beads etc (optional) double-sided tape paint and fine paint brush face mask and eye protection The beauty of this project is that you can totally customise your blinds so that they are truly unique. Read More»