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Create A Beatiful, Unique Window Dressing From An Old White Blind

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If you have a creative side and enjoy craft projects, you might like to try upcycling some old roller blinds, rather than simply throwing them out.  Here's how to transform your tired-looking window dressings into stylish blinds in just a few simple steps.  

What you'll need

  • washing-up liquid
  • water
  • sponges
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • spray paint
  • stencils
  • crystals, beads etc (optional)
  • double-sided tape
  • paint and fine paint brush
  • face mask and eye protection

The beauty of this project is that you can totally customise your blinds so that they are truly unique.  You'll find a wide range of different stencil designs, paints in every colour you could wish for, and paint brushes in different sizes in a good craft supplies shop (like Deans Art). 

How to do it

  1. Begin by removing the blind from its retaining bracket.  In most cases this will just be a case of unclipping the blind from its retaining cradle and lifting it out.  
  2. Now, clean the blind of any dust or grease.  To do this, make up a solution of warm water and washing-up liquid.  Soak a sponge in the cleaning solution and wipe it over the blind.  Use a clean sponge soaked in clean water to wipe away any soapy residue.  Allow the blind to air-dry.  
  3. In order to determine where to put your design on the blinds, you'll need to measure the length of the blind that will actually be hanging down in your window.  This avoids the risk of having half your design vanishing when you roll up the blind.  
  4. Begin the design process by placing your stencils on the blind, using double sided tape placed on the reverse of the stencil to hold it in place.  
  5. Next, place the blind on a clean sheet or tarpaulin in a well-ventilated space.  Put on your eye protection and face mask to protect you from stray paint particles, and give the can of paint a thorough shake.  
  6. Apply the spray paint to the whole blind, using slow strokes to ensure that the coverage is even.  Allow the paint to air-dry, and then apply a second coat if the white blind is still showing through.  
  7. When the paint is completely dry, you can gently remove the stencils to reveal your design.  Take your time here so that you don't smudge the design.  
  8. Now use your paints and fine brushes to fill-in or outline the stencil design.  You could even add crystals or beads if you wanted to make the patterns really stand out.  
  9. When the paint is completely dry, use a damp sponge to wipe over the reverse of the blind to get rid of any dust.  This is an important step otherwise your lovely design will be covered in dirt when you roll the blind up.  
  10. Rub out any visible pencil marks and rehang the blind.

In conclusion

You can transform a boring white blind into a really stylish window dressing by following the guidelines given above.  Not only will your new blind be totally unique, your efforts will save you money on new blinds too!